Tips and Tricks for the Frugal (or broke) Wiccan

Let me just start out by saying that you don’t need tools to practice, but for those who want them here’s a few cheap (or free) ideas.

1. ALTAR Your altar can be set up on any flat surface, even the floor! A small coffee table, the top of a chest, a desk, your dresser…Really just anywhere that you can set up things without them falling over.

2. ALTAR CLOTH An altar cloth isn’t really necessary, but is nice for keeping everything clean, and looks pretty. You could make one yourself, or use a cheap bandanna, scarf or tablecloth (all can be bought at the dollar store) and either cut or fold them to fit the altar area. Or let them hang down, it’s whatever you prefer really.

3. CANDLES AND INCENSE Again, dollar store, or for bulk tea-lights Costco if you have a card or know someone who is willing to take you. The dollar store also has lots of colours and holders, so you can get larger element candles there as well. Incense are fairly cheap at green earth. Last time I was there you could get a mixed bag of 5 for 20 cents. Or again dollar store. Or look up how to make your own. Incense burners are also fairly cheap, or you can use almost anything that wont catch fire.

4. CHALICE AND OTHER ALTAR THINGS Use a wine glass for a chalice. Look around at yard sales, thrift shops or ask someone for one. Figurines are a bit harder to come by, but you can make them if you or someone you know can carve wood, or hunt around at yard sales and thrift shops. You’d be surprised what you can find for not a lot of money.

5. WAND To make a wand, simply decide what kind of wood you’d like it to be, find a tree of that kind of wood, and cut off a branch. Make sure it’s not a big branch but not too small. It should be comfortable to hold in your hand and about the length of your forearm. Use a knife to peel off the bark then wrap the wand in a cloth and then let it dry…for a long time (about a month).

6. ATHAME This one is a bit tricky. If your in a hurry to have one, get an inexpensive letter opener. Other than that, you could try and find one in a thrift store, but I’ve yet to find one. So save up your money for this. Maybe try online??

7. CLOTHES Make your own, or look in thrift shops. It will be cheaper to buy some fabric and sew your own clothes, but for those that aren’t gifted with the ability to sew, look around thrift shops for something you like. Remember that ritual clothes can be anything you are comfortable in. 

There’s a lot of things not listed here but these are the most commonly asked about (from what i found). Remember that pretty much all Wicca supplies or tools can be gifted to you by someone or made yourself. 

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